Weimaraner treningsleir i Sverige

Den svenske weimaraneklubben inviterer til stor treningsleir 5. – 8. mai. Det blir varierte treninger for både erfarne hundeførere og nybegynnere. Tre dager med fantastiske muligheter for viltspor, apport, lydighet og sosialt samvær. Påmeldingsfrist 5. april.

Swedish Weimaraner Club Camp 2016 [424780]sigrid

Les hele invitasjonen fra den svenske weimaranerklubben her:

Weimaraner training camp in Sweden

May 5-8 2016

The Swedish Weimaraner Club has the pleasure to invite all new and old members, from new weimaraner owners with young puppies to experienced hunters and triallers, regardless of prior knowledge, training status and where you are aiming at, to the weimaraner training camp May 5-8 2016.

This year is the training camp will be at Gammelkroppa (www.gammelkroppa.pp.se) close to the town Filipstad in the southern half of Sweden. This will be the first time for the camp in this location and we are excited to get to know the new grounds.

The 2016 camp will be the tenth in eleven years and we hope to have many participants joining very intense training sessions and equally intense social activities. Everyone can come! Book this weekend and get your weimaraner friends to come along. We promise you will have three fantastic days!

The vision for the Weimaraner Camp is to create an opportunity for weimaraner owners to meet and to learn from each other. The majority of the instructors are active members in the

Swedish Weimaraner Club who have vast experience of living with and training weimaraners.

Participants are split into small training groups that keep together during the camp and meet different instructors to maximize the possibility to get input.

All training groups will have basic obedience, steadiness, the fetch command, work on directing the dog on blind retrieves, retrieving on land and from water, trail retrieves, search for retrieves and blood tracking on their programme, adjusted to the appropriate level for each group.

We aim at having fun together and to make sure that all handler+dog teams make a long leap forward in their training and get lots of ideas for further training as take home message. The weimaraner camp is the largest activity for the Swedish Weimaraner Club during the year.


We will stay at the Forestry school at Gammelkroppa and eat and plan our training activities there. Gammelkroppa offer single and double rooms. It is also possible to bring a caravan or a tent but it is important that you pre-book


(depent on the currency the prices can change a little)

Single room


2 persons/room

Thursday – Sunday

SEK 2.865

EUR 309,26

including breakfast and


SEK 2.265 per person.

EUR 244,49 per person

Including brekfast

frukost & lunch

Extra night, including breakfast

SEK 650 kr per person

EUR 70,16 per person

Caravan: SEK 100 kr/night, EUR 10,79/night

Tält: SEK 50 kr/night, EUR 5,40/night


Breakfast & Lunch: SEK 150, EUR 16.19

Dinner: SEK 120 kr, EUR 12.95

Please book your meals when you register for the dog


We offer four training alternatives:

1.Puppies up to 6 months of age: Puppy training in small groups mid-day the first two days and to watch and have a go at whatever the adult dogs are doing. Instructor with experience of puppy training!
Cost: SEK1.250, EUR 134,93 per puppy.

2.Adult dogs, all levels: The instructors for option 2 are active members of the Swedish Weimaraner Club members who know what it is like to live and work with weimaraners.
Cost: SEK 1.250, EUR 134,93 per dog.

3.Boot camp: For dogs who are 12-24 months old. The first 1.5 days of the camp the option 3 group will have an experienced professional trainer and they will then joinn the option 2 dogs’ training Saturday pm and Sunday.
Cost: SEK 1.850, EUR 199,70 per dog.

4.Complete trial preparations: The Swedish breed club for German Pointers hold complete trials, similar to the German working tests, every year and weimaraners can join. The option 4 training prepares handlers and dogs for such a test. In order to enter this option youneed to trust that your dog knows the ‘fetch’ and ‘back’ commands. This option is not open for young dogs.
Cost: SEK 2.250, EUR 242,87 per dog.


Viltspår (Blood tracking)

There will be blood tracking test judges at the camp and if your dog is nine months old you can have a go. Please indicate that you are interested in blood tracking tests when you register for the camp!
Cost: SEK 300, EUR 32,4 per track


Please register by e-mail to: weimaranerlagret@weimaranerklubben.se

Last day to enter is 5/4-2016

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